Full Story Of How Banky W And Wizkid Turned Their Back Against Each Other

The split between Banky W and Wizkid, inside sources say, resulted from an alleged high difference in what Banky W gets from revenues made by the young star, Wizkid.
The ‘injustice’, according to what CISSELODGE gathered, has been bothering Wizkid until he summoned the courage to ask for an improved contract from Banky W, which hit him (Banky) by surprise.

“You know Wizkid is the backbone of EME music label. The boy (Wizkid) feels that Banky W has been milking too much from him with the large chunk of what Banky W takes from what the boy makes.
“Wizkid has asked for an improved contract because the present one allocates much of Wizkid’s earnings to Banky W. You know when you are coming up, you sign any kind of deal because you just want to climb
“That is the situation the boy finds himself but Banky felt hurt that Wizkid could ask for an improved offer after what he (Banky W) has done for him.
“This was the beginning of the problem between them. The boy even threatened to leave the label sometimes ago but Banky W felt it was a joke. He took it with a pinch of salt. Now, he is at a crossroad and
confused on what to do,” a source told CISSELODGE
Wizkid’s mum waded into the matter but Wizkid reportedly ignored his mum advice and stood his ground on leaving the label. “Wizkid’s mum has also tried to talk sense to her son but it seems the guy (Wizkid) is
bent on moving on with his life.”
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  1. Please there shud be peace not fight, dats all i want.

  2. Wizkid gas to start up his own Label too..as a Boss,his Made already.4rom SlaVe to MASTER dats the Movement.Wizzy on point#

  3. buh dont tink wizkid can stand alone for now….make em calm down…till tomoro u still need banky

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