My Boyfriend Turned Cold after I Didn’t Come During Se x, Is This Normal?

Hi Cisselodge Readers:
I have a boyfriend who when we started was all over me. He called me nights and days. He’ll chat me up, spend time with me and do lots more. But all of a sudden, one day, he says I didn’t come during se x and everything changed. I swear I never wanted to love this guy but after all the kindness and love, I said it won’t hurt. Now I’m hurting as hell. I have begged and tried making amends, we are no longer beefing, but he doesn’t call like before and if we talk on phone it’s like we are strangers.
I am seriously hurting, should I let go? Because I just came out of an abusive relationship. I am thinking of sending him a message that I quit because all effort to see him and discuss this isn’t working. My fellow blog readers, advice me please cos I guess he’s no longer into me.


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  1. Speechless!! What consine ‘come’ inside this relationship!!! Some guys are just goat. My dear don’t end it your self !!! Let him do d saying but do your things codedly.

  2. Pull out of the relationship asap!!!

    Mr Cisselodge keep up the good work!!! Love your updates..

  3. My dear, end the relationship!!! He does not worth it!!! Buh u gals sha have ur own problems… You gals fail to know the Mr Nice Guy..

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