Must read: Here are The Effects Of Excessive Garri Drinking On The Eyesight


Consumption of Garri is as important as
anything among the populace of West
Africa like Togo, Nigeria, Benin Republic
and others. It gains this importance not
only because of its cheap and readily
available source of food but also a fast
food which requires sugar, coconut,
groundnut, meat, fish, or processed
preferred products like Kulikuli (yoruba) and
water for the readiness of its consumption.

Its transformation into other foods like Eba
also increases its vitality and consumption
among the African populace to the extent
that it calls for no public advertisement
before its sale us made. However, the
consumption if this African renowned grain
has been reported to cause detriments to
the eye like blindness, anemia, cough,
among others. Most importantly, eye
defects which have made some populace
enemies to the consumption of garri and
its by food products.

Arguably, the cause
of this is reported to be the presence of
excess hydrocyanic acid in cassava which
garri is made from due to unwell
processing. The recommendation by WHO
is at most 10ppm of cyanic acid in the
food product. However, its excess,
continuous and frequent consumption may
cause the accumulation and thereby
leading to its adverse effects. The presence
of this acid in cassava could be
understood as the water extract from
cassava kills plants because of its
concentrated form.

Aside eye defects, this
organic acid also causes intestinal
problems and make ulcer patient to
deteriorate. Same goes to other cassava
product s which when not well processed
will cause harm than than good.

Conclusively, excess frequent taking of
garri especially unwell processed one can
hinder one’s health and give room for


– All our garri producers should learn the
technical know-how of well garri
processing and quality control activities
should be put in place.

– Verification of sources of food nutrient
should be cultivated ; carbohydrates should
be sought from other diverse sources
which are more nutrient rich example
potatoes, brown rice.

– Other complementing source of food
should be sought is as to reduce its lethal

NOTE: Eye defects could as well be caused based on one or more of the

– Genetics

– Environmental factor

– Nutrient deficiency

– Nonchalant acts

– Lack of healthy practice.



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