Ladies! 12 Tips To Help You Master That ‘BEDROOM MOVE’ Every Man Craves For


Being able to deliver this treat to your man will make you the queen of the bedroom and probably the queen of his heart as well. So if you’re looking for ways to make him beyond, I mean BEYOND happy in bed, we’ve rounded up the best oral s3x tips for you.

1. Start off slowly. Savvy Miss has a great play-by-play for getting the oral s£x party started, from kissing to finishing. He may be perfectly happy if you simply unzip his jeans and get to it. However, he’ll be even happier if you tease him and draw the whole thing out.

2. Don’t use your teeth. We all know this, right? NO TEETH. Except supposedly some guys like a little nibbling. Proceed with caution, ladies.

3. Do use your tongue. It’s not just about wrapping your lips around his member. Play around with your tongue, too — especially at his most sensitive spots, like the head and (for some guys) the balls and the base of the shaft.

4. Suck to start. The Joy of s£x calls it “raising the dead” — sometimes to get the party started you can try firm yet gentle sucking. This Reddit post on giving an epic bl*w job explains this technique.

5. Relax to deep throat. Lord have mercy, men do love to go spelunking. That Reddit post has some good advice: Take a deep breath and relax your jaw and throat. Stick your tongue out. And then just go with it.

6. Minimize gagging with the right position. First of all, gagging turns a lot of guys on because “OMG, your p£nis is so HUUUUGE it’s gagging me!” (Men are so weird sometimes.) But that aside, you may gag less if you do the bl*w job on your back with him straddled over you head. Give it a try.

7. Make eye contact. Apparently a lot of guys think it’s hot if you can look them in the eye while blowing them.
8. Keep it wet. Bl*w job expert (yes, really) Auntie Angel says lubrication is the most important thing. And most guys would probably agree. So drool away, or use a flavored lube. Don’t worry about getting messy.

9. That donut trick. You know the girl who ate a donut off her boyfriend’s penis? It’s not for everyone, so run the idea by your guy first before trying it.

10. Experiment. There’s so much you can do — here’s a whole menu of oral pleasures from The Gloss. Give them a try and see what he likes.

11. Swallow. This is controversial, but the consensus seems to be that men love it when you swallow. It’s definitely a more elegant solution. Bottom line is you don’t have to if you don’t want to — but entertain the idea.

12. At least don’t blow and run. If you don’t want to let him come in your mouth or on you anywhere, communicate before you get started about how you can land a happy ending. And then, be gracious and don’t treat his s£me£ like toxic waste. That’s not very sexy, and it’s also not a great way to encourage intimacy.


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