SEVEN Health Benefits of Kissing


Your mom always said that you have to kiss a
lot o’ frogs before you meet your prince … but
whoever said that was a bad thing? From
burning calories to offsetting signs of aging, it
turns out that smooching has scientifically-
proven health benefits.
A kiss a day keeps the doctor away!

1. Kissing Prevents Cavities
Who would ever guess that spit-swapping kinda
had the same effect as mouth wash? According
to the Academy of General Dentistry, saliva helps
build tooth enamel and all that extra saliva built
up in a tongue-tangling Frencher washes the
bacteria off your teeth, which in turn helps break
down oral plaque.

2. Kissing Burns Calories
We wouldn’t recommend giving up that hour at
the gym, still, locking lips is a serious workout
for your face. Experts estimate that one minute
of passionate kissing can burn anywhere
between 2 to 5 calories.

3. Kissing Strengthens Your Immune System
It may sound counterintuitive, but swapping spit
is a great way to fend off the common cold.
Research published in Medical Hypotheses
suggests that kissing is actually an evolutionary
adaptation to protect against the
cytomegalovirus. And if you suffer from allergies,
a kiss from your partner can keep you strong. A
study published in Physiology & Behavior proved
that kissing can improve your resistance to
having an allergic reaction. Researchers studied
60 people with skin or nasal allergies. They all
spent 30 minutes in a private room kissing their
spouse while listening to romantic music. They
asked another group to do the same, but hug —
no lip-locking allowed. The results? The
researchers concluded that the kissing reduced
their allergic reactions.

4. Kissing Lowers Your Stress Level
Sensuality — from kissing to touching to … well,
you know — keeps us relaxed. To test the
theory, researchers from the Arizona State
University asked 52 people to spend six weeks
making kissing a priority in their everyday lives.
By the end of the test period, not only did they
feel closer to their significant others, but they
were significantly less stressed based on a
psychological stress scale.

5. Kissing Reduces Blood Pressure
All that heart-racing lip-smacking is healthy for
your ticker. Research shows that kissing dilates
your blood vessels and therefore, helps reduce
blood pressure.

6. Kissing Relieves Pain
Kissing releases all kinds of natural feel-good
chemicals in the body and these endorphins
have proven to be even more powerful than
morphine to relieve pain. Specifically, research
published in the online medical journal PLoS One
found that these hormones are akin to the
benefits of a pain reliever.

7. Kissing Gives Your Brain & Body A Boost Of
Happy Chemicals
There’s nothing that unwinds you more than
melting in the arms of someone you love … and
those butterflies-in-your-stomach feelings you
get from a swoonworthy kiss just sets you into
paradise, right? There’s a science behind that.
Kissing stimulates the release of oxytocin (the
“love hormone”), endorphins and dopamine,
which all mix together as a cocktail for health!
After all, these chemicals boost your mood and
your libido, proving that all that lovin’ is just
what the doctor ordered.


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