Ten Things You Should Know About The Vag-ina


This piece is according to Huffington Post….

1) The Clitoris contains 8000 nerve endings..
The penis only contain 4000. ( nerve endings are
like informants for the brain. Any suspicious
activity going on in the vagina, these 8000
informants relay the nefarious activity to the

2) The average vagina is 3-4 inches and can
expand by 200 percent when aroused

3) Both vagina and sharks contain the natural
lubricant squalene ( natural lubricating fluids
produced by the vagina)

4) Pubic hair has a life expectancy of 3weeks..
The hair on your head can live up to 7years ( for
those ladies that do not like to shave those

5)-The highest number of orgasms achieved by
a woman in one hour was 134.. the highest
achieved by a man was 16….. wow !!!

6) The Vagina has a self cleansing mechanism

7) The inner walls of a vagina are pleated
(folded), and open like an umbrella, during
intercourse…. LMAO

8) The Vagina is teeming with bacteria.. Some
of the good bacteria is also found in yoghurt

9) The speculum, a tool used by the
gynecologist, was used as early as 1300BC

10) The word Vagina roughly translate as


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