Firstly, please note that this is a site created to educate you on how Get Help Worldwide works so that you know what you are doing as soon as you register. I have placed a link with my referral ID at different points in this article that you can use to register yourself on the official platform. But before you do that, first find out how Get Help Worldwide works as well as the security measures that have been implemented to cover the loopholes that other platforms like MMM have not yet covered. Get Help Worldwide has been strictly regulated to last forever. (Compare the regulations that GHW has put in place to those of MMM at the bottom of the article.)





Get Help Worldwide (GHW) is British platform owned by an Australian man who does not wish to be in the spotlight. It has been in operation for a few years but only got recently popular in the last year.  That means it is a fairly new platform worldwide. It is a social financial platform, that has been designed for communities to donate money to each other directly, in a peer to peer method. It is similar to how crowdfunding/isusu/contribution/coorperative works, where a large community of people donate money to each other, in order to help each other fulfill projects or personal obligations. It is not a pyramid scheme or a ponzi scheme because it does not have a central bank account into which all users give money into. Instead, users are paired together with other users on the platform, and they donate to each other directly, of their own free will. And they receive a 50% bonus of whatever they donate every 30 days. Please note that 50% reward is only available for those providing help using bitcoins. (See how to use bitcoins below or contact me on whatsapp 08134748992 to find out more about bitcoins). However, if you would like to provide help in Naira, you will receive 30% reward after each 30 day period. This is because when you provide help using bitcoins, you are reaching out to a global community, whereas when you provide help in Naira, you are only reaching the community in Nigeria.


How does it work technically? You declare the willingness to Give Help (click on “Provide Help”), type in the amount of help you wish to Provide. Help provided will start growing from the moment it was entered online at the rate of 50% in 30days for Bitcoin and 30% for Naira while you remain with your money till you are paired with who you will donate directly to. In Get Help Worldwide, you will be able to see the picture of who you are donating to with their Country. Say you have announced willingness to assist with $100, the yield amount will immediately start growing! 30days later, this $100 will become $150. If you provide help to someone of N100 000, after 30 days someone else will provide you help of N130 000. That is how it works.


  • The 30% increase (in Naira) or 50% increase (in dollars), is not interest earned after 30 days. This is not an investment platform but a donation platform. Have you ever heard of ‘isusu’ or ‘contribution’, where a group of people get together and donate a certain amount to each other every month? It is the same principle. Only this is on a global scale and done online. So people are donating their extra income to each other. That means if I have N10000 to spare, Mr A might have N13000 to spare and Mr B N16900. Once I give my spare N10000, after 30 days I request for help of N10000 plus 30% which is N13000. I am paired/matched with Mr A who has N13000 to spare. When Mr A gives me their spare N13000, after 30 days they request for help of N13000 plus 30% which is N16900. They are paired/matched with Mr B who is willing to donate N16900 and so on. Because N16900 is not a solid amount they can ask 2 different people to make up that amount.
  • Minimum offer is N1000 or $10
  • When you make your offer, you stay with your money until they pair you with someone who needs help of that amount. Pairing can take a day or 3 weeks, so do not use the money you have offered to provide. Once paired you will receive a text message telling you to check your account. In your account, you will see the person’s name, picture, phone number and bank account details. You have 48 hours to make the deposit into their account. Once you deposit, upload the proof of payment onto the site. If it was online banking or cell phone banking upload a screenshot of the transfer. (If you need help let me know 08171176728). The person will only confirm once the money is in his bank account. Once confirmed, you have successfully completed your offer to help and qualify to request for help after 30 days with a 30% or 50% bonus. However, your 30% or 50% starts counting on the day you made the offer online, not on the day you make the transfer. Eg. you might make the offer to help on the 1st of November and only get paired to pay it on the 15th of November. Your 30% starts counting on the 1st. You will always be paired with someone within 30days.
  • After 30 days, you request for help of the amount you offered plus 30%. The person paired with you has 48 hours to pay you. If they ask you to extend the time by 24 hours, you can login to your account and click extend by 24 hours for them. If they cannot pay you at all, they will be deleted from the system and someone else will be asked to pay you.
  • During registration, remember to add the Nigerian prefix to your cell number eg. +234819999999.
  • Do not stay idle for more than 3 days. That means when you sign up, make an offer within 3 days. After 30 days, click request help. When you receive your money, provide help again within 3 days of the same amount as the 1st offer or more. (Will explain more under RE-COMMITMENT below)


You get 10% from all deposits of the participant you invited. Inviting new members into the Community is your additional contribution to its development. But nobody forces the members of the Community to invite new participants. YOU DO NOT NEED TO INVITE ANYBODY. You can provide help without inviting anyone.


1) N4000 Registration Bonus — if you have contributed from N15 000 to N149 000.

2) N10 000 Registration Bonus — if you have contributed from N150 000 to N649 000.

3) N20 000 Registration Bonus — if you have contributed from N650 000 and above.

Each participant is allowed to have ONLY one account.

Ready to register? Click on the link below, MAKE SURE THE EMAIL DOKEKE2@GMAIL.COM APPEARS ON THE REGISTRATION FORM, IF NOT YOU CAN COPY AND PASTE IT NEXT TO “REFERRER EMAIL”. Register, give help, get your referral link and invite as many people as you like too! And the big one, earn 50% of whatever you offer after 30days!



You know what, if people stick to maintaining the regulations that they have set in place, then yea, I’d say it could definitely last forever. The only problem is, we can never predict people’s behavior, in the same way that we can never always accurately predict the stock market’s behavior! So me being a complete pessimist when it comes to taking risks on any platform using my hard earned money, let me say that Get Help Worldwide being a new platform started in 2015, it will comfortably last more than 10 years. I’m simply being honest with myself and with you because I hate losing money, and I assess risks intently before I venture into any project. So let’s play it safe and say I can peacefully use the Get Help Worldwide platform for 5 years. When I say let’s play it safe, I mean lets happily take advantage of the system to make money and sleep peacefully at night for the next 5 years. After 6 years, hey, if you would like to continue, then at least sleep with one eye open, and if you still want to continue after 7 years, you better not sleep! hahahaha! Look, at the end of the day, my personal take is that when it comes to any financial investment, you do take risks. People have lost billions on Wall Street because they took risks. It’s the way of the monetary system. However, we must learn to make calculated risks, which is why I have calculated the risk of joining Get Help Worldwide , and I can safely say it will stay strong for alot more than 10 years. Now let’s do a reality check! HOW DIFFICULT IS IT IN NIGERIA TO GET A LOAN FROM THE BANK TO START A BUSINESS? IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!! What I like most about the GHW platform is that the banks have been tossing us around, denying us loans and yet using our deposits to make money behind the scenes. So I just want to say thank God for the Get Help Worldwide platform, because finally, through processes of donating and receiving donations within the community, I can finally raise the money that I need to expand all my business ventures without being tossed around by the banks!!! So, now that we have that out of the way, let us proceed further to find out exactly what these regulations are that can make GHW last forever!


There are NO Guiders/Sponsors in this Platform. This platform has been DESIGNED TO LAST FOREVER and therefore does not support the excess payout privileges of Guiders which drains the system. The System ONLY Supports/Allows REPRESENTATIVES who are given extra 5%-10% of their Provide Help Offer in Addition to their 50% 30days profit in Bitcoin depending on how hardworking they are.


GHW is here to Change Lives, Change Nations and Change the World. It is designed to last forever; we understand that everyone will love to earn money every 30days. We will like to inform you that this Community will last forever if only everyone makes a New Pledge to Provide Another Help after they have Received Help knowing that the new Help you pledged to Provide will bring in another 30% or 50% in 30days. It will keep the community running forever. Get Help Worldwide also implemented some features to keep this in check.

  • a.) After receiving Help, a Participant is given a maximum of 3days to make another Pledge to Provide Help. If no new pledge is made after 3 days from receiving help, the system will commence debiting of your credibility score. Please note that accounts with credibility score of zero will be automatically blocked. All we need in this community are people who are active and have the Mind Set to Give and in turn Receive. We need people that will make this community last forever. Imagine a group participating in isusu. If one person receives money and pulls out of the group there’s less money left to circulate. It is the same principle here.
  • b.) When a Participant makes a Pledge to Provide Help of $100 for Example; his/her next Pledge to Provide Help will not go below the Previous Help provided. It can only be the same or higher. This will keep the Community Growing instead of being setback by people who will give help of $1,000 for example and after Getting Help of $1,500 they decide to Provide Help of $10 in their next Pledge. Such doesn’t work here on Get Help Worldwide .
  • c.) Feel the joy of giving when you see the face of who you are Providing Help to. This will help Participants make friends all over the World. A Real Social Financial Platform with Sincere people Changing Lives, Changing Nations and Changing the World.Ready to register? Click on the link below, MAKE SURE THE EMAIL DOKEKE2@GMAIL.COM APPEARS ON THE REGISTRATION FORM, IF NOT YOU CAN COPY AND PASTE IT NEXT TO “REFERRER EMAIL”. Register,give help, get your referral link and invite as many people as you like too! And the big one, earn 50% of whatever you offer after 30days!
  • http://bit.ly/2ijZvjc

Credibility Score index is a custom rating logic implemented into the system to ensure fair-play and honesty. Each new account is started with 100% rating, however, penalties are enforced when guidelines are broken, which lead to the deduction of score point. This is to ensure all members act and respond according to the guidelines of the community.

Key Guidelines / Penalties include the following

  • If you are paired and you contact the money-receiving member, asking for a 24hr time extension to make payment, once he/she approves in his account, you will lose 25% of your credibility score.
  • If you offer to provide help and you cancel the offer (before you are paired), 5% score point will be deducted from your Credibility score card.
  • If discovered that your profile contains wrong profile picture/ information, 50% will be deducted.
  • If you fail to provide help to a paired member and expiry date elapses, your Credibility Score will be wiped out to Zero (0), which leads to automatic profile suspension.
  • Account/Profile suspension means you will no longer be able to place or receive help from this platform, for resolution, you will then need to send an email to support.

Finally, please note that Credibility Score value is a key input for the “automatic pairing and assigning control system”; this system is solely responding for matching requests to offers. Members with higher Credibility Scores will have higher priority for pairing.

Ready to register? Click on the link below, MAKE SURE THE EMAIL  DOKEKE2@GMAIL.COM APPEARS ON THE REGISTRATION FORM, IF NOT YOU CAN COPY AND PASTE IT NEXT TO “REFERRER EMAIL”. Register, give help, get your referral link and invite as many people as you like too! And the big one, earn 50% of whatever you offer after 30days!



  1. MMM has what are known as guiders. The problem is that these guiders are available on their live chat and sign up everyone making enquiries about MMM under them. So they get instant 10% referral bonuses of 100s of people every month. The problem with this is that they take out millions out of the system monthly, and only donate possibly $1000, or do not offer any donations at all, yet they receive millions every month. Basic common sense tells you that this makes the whole system unsustainable as too much money is being taken out, without the same being donated.

Our Solution:  Get Help Worldwide has no guiders, only representatives who get an additional bonus of 5 to 10% of the money that they donate, and not based on the people they manipulate to sign up under them, that way they have to keep donating the same amount or more to receive this bonus.

  1. On MMM registered users can donate $100 this month, then they can pull out and donate nothing for 5 months, while receiving referral bonuses of those who signed up under them. Once again money is leaving the community, without donations being made to continue to sustain it.

Our solution: Get Help Worldwide a regulation where the moment you register with them, if you start giving $100, when you receive $150 at the end of 30days, you have to donate again either the same amount you started with e.g. $100 or more. You are not allowed to donate less than your initial donation. Secondly, you are not allowed to remain idle for more than 3 days. If you do, you will get blocked and will have to contact support to be re-instated.

  1. MMM accounts can be hacked because they put an option in the profile account, which allows the user to change their bank account easily without any verification in place. This is dangerous because a hacker can hack into a users account, change the bank account details to their own, request for help and receive money into their bank account. After receiving the money, they can then change the bank account details back to what they were before and when the user logs in, they won’t know what happened to their money.

Our solution: Get Help Worldwide only allows one bank account to be registered. If you want to change bank accounts, you go through a thorough validation process, and will receive a phone call to confirm this action. That means no hacker can access your account and change your bank account details into their own without you knowing.

  1. If you go to MMM global site, there is a list of all participating countries there. However, of all the countries listed, only 11 remain functional. If you want to verify this and have the time, click on the link to each country listed, then on the testimonial page, observe the last time a testimony from that country was issued. You will find with most countries the last testimonies from their country are from a few months ago. We all know that as a participant of MMM, you have to give a testimony when you receive money otherwise you will be blocked from the system. The only testimonies you will find on those countries that have shut down, are those from countries that are still active. So do not be deceived.

The reason why this has happened is because there were no strict regulations implemented in order to keep MMM running. People were taking too much money out of the community through referral bonuses, without bothering to maintain the system by donating every month, the same or more than they did before. However, Get Help Worldwide has implemented those strict regulations, to ensure that it lasts forever. So, if you are a member of MMM you might want to consider joining Get Help Worldwide now before it’s too late for you.

Ready to register? Click on the link below, MAKE SURE THE EMAIL DOKEKE2@GMAIL.COM APPEARS ON THE REGISTRATION FORM, IF NOT YOU CAN COPY AND PASTE IT NEXT TO “REFERRER EMAIL”. Register, give help, get your referral link and invite as many people as you like too! And the big one, earn 50% of whatever you offer after 30days!


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