PLEASE HELP!! My Girlfriend Spent Five Days In Her Male Friends House.

I have been dating her for about 5yrs now. I went for a course in delta state while she went to serve in oyo state at the same time and she was posted to one village where there is no light and no internet connection.

Initially she use to come to delta state to see me almost every month, but at a time I got very busy that we couldn’t see every month again. I called her on this faithful day and i realized she wasn’t alone so i asked her where she was and she told me she was at home in her PPA.

So i checked her on whatsapp and i realized she was online. Later in the night i called her and i noticed she was sneaking out of her room to pick my call so i challenged her that why was she sneaking out and how come she was online in the afternoon.

She knew there was no way she could have lied again and then she revealed to me that she went to stay with one of her male friend serving in edo state cos she was bored.

She apologized to me that she could have told me but i wouldn’t allow her to go because i don’t trust her.

N.B. This is an habit have known with her for as along as we have been dating. She doesn’t see anything wrong in sleeping over in her male friends house.

Her argument is always that she doesn’t have a female friend she can trust.


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