How To Fix iMessage Activation Issues on iOS 7 Mean Iphone

How To Fix iMessage Activation Issues on iOS 7 Day in day out, people use Apple’s iMessage service to get in touch and sending of messages. It becomes very easy to totally rely on this means of communication if all friends are iPhone users. consequently it can become very frustrating and alarming if one can’t get messages sent through iMessage …

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BlackBerry Have Started Testing BBM For Android Again BlackBerry have started testing a new version of the BBM app for Android. This we noticed in the emails sent to beta testers. This version of BBM for Android is more stable, the UI have been redesigned with a new welcome screen explaining the app, notifications is now present, the persistent notification …

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5 Best Antivirus Software For Windows 8 In Year 2013

Windows 8 is quite one of the best windows operating system till date and it has been the most impressive operating system for most computer users. A computer without an antivirus software is quite incomplete because it can easily get infected with virus at any point in time and you are likely to lose those important file/documents you have on …

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7 Best Websites to Scan Your Files Online For Viruses

Everyday on the Internet, we are getting latest information on advanced technology, gadgets, new software programs for different purposes and much more but with all these, we are also getting some news about viruses, malwares, trojans and lots of other malicious programs that spoil our computers, leading to instability of system. There are many ways that viruses, malwares, trojans and malwares may …

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Guide to Buying Cheap Laptops for Gaming below $500

If you’re on a budget and looking for cheap laptops that can run the craziest game out there, there are a few options you can consider. The fact still remains that nothing good comes cheap and if you really want the best, you should be prepared to cough out a good amount of money. A proper gaming laptop is supposed …

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See The New BlackBerry Z30 Smartphone Released with specifications

See The New BlackBerry Z30 Smartphone Released with specifications BlackBerry had been seriously at workeven though there had been words ofimpending doom, the Canadian companyhaven’t stopped surprising its loyal customers with new and improved BlackBerry 10 devices of which BlackBerry Z30 is a latest of such improved BB 10 devices.Today, BlackBerry released BlackBerry Z30with out standing features and specifications. In …

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