As the rest of us are urged to stay home, Hong Kong officials continue visits, inspections as normal

Many local organizations have been seriously inconvenienced by the rules against public gatherings. Some people have been fined for breaches of the rules. Yet one organization continues to organize events at which large numbers of people breathe the same air.

Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, visited the Caroline Hill Road Pop-up Community Vaccination Center on March 29. Photo: GovHK.

I am not too concerned about whether all this is legal or not. Clearly if you are the chief executive of the Hong Kong SAR that is not in practice a worry.

But it does seem that senior government officials are still eagerly engaging in all the usual visits, “inspections” and opening ceremonies, at a time when the rest of us are being urged to stay at home and avoid contact with our fellow citizens, for health. reasons.

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