100 Actors Will Stage An Epic Retelling Of The Easter Story, In Trafalgar Square

Jesus (James Burke-Dunsmore) breaks bread with his disciples. Image: Wintershall A 100-strong cast returns to Trafalgar Square on Good Friday, for an epic live portrayal of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. Wintershall, a theater company based in the Surrey countryside, has been putting on their monumental play, The Passion of Jesus, in central London … Read more

How to Represent Chief Joseph? A Trio of Sculptors Takes on the Nez Perce Legend

Lee Morehouse’s 1901 portrait of Chief Joseph informed sculptor Georgia Bunn’s statue, at the bottom, of the celebrated Nez Perce. (Special Collections, University of Washington Libraries) Chief Joseph (1840–1904) of the Nez Perce remains among the most celebrated American Indians of the 19th century, thanks to period photographs, books, magazine articles, paintings and public sculptures. … Read more

A Surf & Turf Club Brunch at Buenos Aires Polo Club

Buenos Aires Polo Club is the Argentinian steakhouse and martini bar that has occupied the seventh floor of LKF Tower in Central since 2016. Chef Jack Carson has just taken the reins, so to speak, and is overseeing the brand-new weekend Club Brunch ($ 588 / person). The brunch centers around an enormous double-cooked and … Read more

London’s Heathrow Airport Ends COVID-19 Mask Requirements

Photo by Quintin Gellar on Pexels.com London’s Heathrow Airport has announced that it will end the requirement to wear masks in the airport, based on the recent UK government announcement that all COVID travel restrictions and regulations will end from Friday. Here are the full details from the Heathrow press release in my inbox: Those … Read more

How an 1837 Boston Bridge Dispute Redefined Private-Public Rights

In February 1837, the US Supreme Court, voting 5-2, rejected a claim by the owners of a toll bridge in Boston that the Massachusetts legislature had acted unconstitutionally in authorizing construction of a second, competing bridge. The ruling meant little to Bostonians. The second span, the Warren Bridge, connecting their city with the Charlestown neighborhood, … Read more

Introducing Bain Marie’s Meal Plans

Bain Marie began its life in Hong Kong offering weekday lunchtime delivery of fresh, homemade, seasonal meals served in reusable glass jars, so sustainability has been a focus for the brand from the start. Now, to cope with these ever-changing pandemic times, they’ve launched meal plans featuring recipes that have been developed by a French … Read more

As the rest of us are urged to stay home, Hong Kong officials continue visits, inspections as normal

Many local organizations have been seriously inconvenienced by the rules against public gatherings. Some people have been fined for breaches of the rules. Yet one organization continues to organize events at which large numbers of people breathe the same air. Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, visited the Caroline Hill Road Pop-up Community Vaccination Center on March … Read more

Key Factors For A Successful Merger And Acquisition

Integrating two companies can be challenging, and there is always the potential for things to go wrong. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are common activities in the business world. Mergers happen when two companies join together to become one. This is done to increase market share, gain entry into new markets, lower operational expenses, enhance revenues … Read more

3 sentenced to training center over 2019 National Day protest in Hong Kong

Three people who were minors at the time of the 2019 protests have been sentenced to a training center after being convicted of rioting charges. The trio – Fong Ming and Kwok Hei-tung, both aged 20, and Tang Yau-chiu, 19 – appeared in front of Judge Edmond Lee on Friday. Wanchai Law Courts. Photo: Candice … Read more