Uber granted two-and-a-half-year license to operate in London

Uber has been granted a two-and-a-half-year license to operate private hire vehicles in London. The ride-hailing company had previously been denied a license by Transport for London in November 2019. But a judge granted an 18-month license in September 2020, deciding it was a fit and proper company “despite historical failings”. We’re delighted to announce … Read more

How the South Led the North in Submarine Warfare

Traveling safely underwater in an enclosed airtight capsule had been a dream of man for millennia. Although various plans and designs for a watercraft capable of accomplishing this were being drawn as early as the 1500s, reportedly the first actual prototypical submarine — a crude, oar-powered rowboat-like affair — was built in 17th-century England. Once … Read more

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2022 年 $ 10000 消費 券 , 分 2 期發放P 無論 使用 八達 通 、 AlipayHK 支付 寶 、 Tap & Go 拍 住 賞 及 WeChat Pay HK 的 朋友 , 都將於 4 月 收到! 至於 有 什麼 商店 可以 使用 消費 券? 乜 好 玩 玩 乜 好 今 今 篇 , 小生精選 … Read more

The Fall Of Theranos And Lessons For Startups

Bullied employees, false advertising and ignoring warnings from experts are just some of the things that led to the company’s failure. Lawyers defending the founder and former CEO of blood-testing company Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, want you to know that she was just a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed young girl who tried and failed. She was trying to … Read more

Bank Station Renovation Brings Northern Line Closure

We’ve come up with plenty of suggestions to improve the Tube, but the plucky folks at Transport for London have gone straight for the big cheese: Bank station. Over the past four years, renovation works have sought to untangle the web of corridors, escalators, and platforms that so entrap commuters, and work is scheduled to … Read more

Here Are 11 Promising Hong Kong Startups Featured at the Asian Financial Forum

by Fintech News Hong Kong March 24, 2022 The 15th Asian Financial Forum (AFF) gathered around 100 startups from various tech and fintech sectors spanning from blockchain, wealthtech, regtech, AI, and more to showcase game changing solutions to address business pain points and to help corporates with their digital transformation. These startups showcased how technology … Read more

Review of Hail Mary | Sport in American History

De la Cretaz, Britni and D’Arcangelo, Lyndsey. Hail Mary: The Rise and Fall of the National Women’s Football League. New York: Bold Type Books, 2021. Pp. vii, 290. Black and white photos, team list, bibliography, index. $ 28 hardcover. Reviewed by Russ Crawford In Hail Mary, de la Cretaz and D’Arcangelo have gathered fascinating stories … Read more