Rakshasa Armor Core Helmets Leaked for Halo Infinite

With Halo Infinite Season 2 in full swing, we have our first leak of the season: brand-new Rakshasa Armor Core Helmets!

Halo infinite rakshasa helmet
A bunch of new Rakshasa Helmets have leaked. | © Delta Archive via Twitter / 343 Industries

Halo Infinite Season 2 is rock-and-rollin ‘along at a darn good pace. The couple of new mapsthe multitude of new modesand the new Battle Pass are all speeding along that Halo highway at a hundred miles an hour and, whilst a little underwhelming, seem to be reviving the game from the ashes of its quite disastrous first six months.

The game’s second season has also introduced something that many players are enjoying the hell out of: the brand new Rakshasa Armor Core. Now that the Interference Event is ending, a bunch more Rakshasa content is on its way, and we now have our very first look at some cool new helmets that will be jumping into the fray.

Now, let’s make a quick statement: this is a leak, it’s not verified, it’s not set. These new helmets could all be totally wrong, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not possible. The leak itself, from Delta Archive, is an Iso rendering and looks pretty legit. After all, Delta Archive has been quite reliable in the past, so it’s not without reason to expect the same here.

Halo Infinite’s Leaked Rakshasa Helmets

After a few weeks of Season 2, Halo Infinite’s new Rakshasa Helmets have been leaked on Twitter. The four helmets revealed by Delta Archive show off a variety of different styles and color tones. They are pretty cool, we have to admit, and whilst they’re just renders, we are certainly very excited to pick them up in-game if this leak comes into fruition.

Now let me make this very clear: the Rakshasa Helmets have no release date as of the writing of this article. They are cool, but they could be fake, and even if they are real they could be a good way off still. We think that’s unlikely, though, seeing as the Interference Event is coming to an end and that will probably result in a new splash of items coming to the Halo Infinite Item Shop.

Ultimately, though, we all just want to spec out our Spartans to make them the coolest and sexiest looking super soldiers in the Universe. Now that Tenrai is over, we need something else to work towards. That’s where Rakshasa comes in, and that’s where we can expect these sexy-as cosmetics to come from. Excited? We certainly are …


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