Covid-19: Macau tells many businesses to close, but casinos can stay open

Macau tightened social distancing restrictions on Thursday – closing almost everything except casinos – as the Chinese gambling hub embarked on another round of citywide testing to battle a Covid-19 outbreak. Photo: El Freddy via Flickr. Case numbers are small by global comparison, with only 110 announced since the most recent outbreak began, but authorities … Read more

The Butterfly Effect 3 Fascinating Businesses Stories

From family feuds to uplifting comic strips – here’s how seemingly small, unrelated events gave birth to some of the most significant businesses today. The butterfly effect, a part of chaos theory (a branch of mathematics and mechanics that studies random or unpredictable events in complex systems), is a phenomenon wherein a small or seemingly … Read more

How Lemi Is Helping Small Businesses Reach Their Customers

Lemi is a one-stop-shop for all your online business needs! Starting a business isn’t easy. From finding raw materials and making your products to actually reaching the right customer base, everything takes a lot of time and energy. Even though this process is so hard, a lot of people venture out and start their own … Read more

AI Tools For Businesses In 2022

If you run an online business, you need to invest in AI tools! Companies and developers have consistently been working towards creating AI that can make our lives easier. From writing blog posts, creating art, coding and even building machines, AI is capable of performing basically every task you can think of today. To date, … Read more