90% of Hong Kong bus staff saw income fall during Covid-19, survey shows, as unions call for pay rise

Two labor have groups called on bus companies to give staff a pay rise, adding that employees’ base salaries have been frozen for two years and they have had their hours slashed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Representatives from two groups representing bus company employees at a press conference on May 13, 2022. Photo: Chau Siu-chung, … Read more

Fort Ticonderoga Material Culture Conference Call for Papers

Fort Ticonderoga is seeking out new research from established scholars in addition to graduate students, professionals, and artisans that relate to material culture made, used, or altered in a military context between roughly 1609-1815. Material Culture provides a unique way to engage with topics and individuals for which no written sources survive, providing an entry … Read more

John Lee: What do you call the prospective Hong Kong leader who has everything?

The current status of John Lee Ka-chiu has presented one of those linguistic problems which delight retired sub editors: how do you describe a man who is clearly going to win a predetermined election? My regular free newspaper tried “chief executive hopeful”, realized that wasn’t really capturing the reality of the situation – “chief executive … Read more

What to call an election that’s not an election?

Do you really want to go there, Erick? Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Secretary Tsang says last December’s 30% turnout in the patriots-only legislative elections was not low, compared with New York state and French regional polls. As for the more obvious comparison – the over-70% turnout and eradication of pro-Beijing candidates in district elections in … Read more

What Will You Call The Elizabeth Line?

What we should all be officially calling once it opens. Photo: Matt Brown The time is almost here – for real this time. Crossrail will open in the first half of 2022 (exact date TBC), and then … it won’t be Crossrail anymore. Crossrail, you see, is the name given to the infrastructure and construction … Read more

Call for tech giants to back talent crunch initiative

EIT Health is seeking to partner with industry and tech giants in a Europe-wide initiative to secure new talent and prepare the healthcare sector for the future. We are launching the WorkInHealth Foundation to address fears of a labor shortage in the coming decade and meet the growing demand for a digital and data-driven workforce. … Read more

Call for Projects and Proposals

[We are happy to post this Call for Projects and Proposals from the American Society for Legal History.  DRE.] The Projects and Proposals Committee of the American Society for Legal History invites proposals for the funding of new initiatives in the study, presentation, and production of legal historical scholarship and in the communication of legal … Read more