Fort Ticonderoga Material Culture Conference Call for Papers

Fort Ticonderoga is seeking out new research from established scholars in addition to graduate students, professionals, and artisans that relate to material culture made, used, or altered in a military context between roughly 1609-1815. Material Culture provides a unique way to engage with topics and individuals for which no written sources survive, providing an entry … Read more

Did These Western Bumblers Invent the Selfie – and Preserve Plains Indian Culture by Mistake?

Karl Bodmer was a European of many names and accomplishments, but his reputation received a transatlantic boost in 1832. That year Prince Maximilian, a Prussian explorer, ethnologist and naturalist, was planning an expedition into the North American frontier and, in a rare moment of humility, realized he needed a professional artist to supplement his own … Read more

Law, History and Visual Culture Seminar Series

[We have the following announcement.  DRE] Law, History and Visual Culture Seminar SeriesEvery Thursday online from 26th May to 23rd June, 3: 00-6: 30 pm BST This five part seminar series encourages and facilitates the growing interest in the interdisciplinary field of law, history and visual culture. As such, these reflections break away from the … Read more