Enjoy 2-for-1 Pints, Prosecco And Palomas At These Top London Pubs

This is a sponsored article on behalf of Greene King. What’s more satisfying than an ice-cold pint on a warm summer’s day? How about two of them? Or, if you’re not into beer, two glasses of prosecco or two refreshing paloma cocktails – all for half the usual price. This is Greene King’s new happy … Read more

Enjoy your historical nihilism while you can

An HKFP op-ed on how Beijing is rewriting Hong Kong’s recent history: Tea table gossip about bought-and-paid-for protesters has become the official narrative. There was no pro-democracy movement supported by the majority of the population – just a foreign-backed anti-China plot. Local public opinion never existed. The claim that Hong Kong protesters must have needed … Read more