Fewer Hongkongers trust public broadcaster RTHK as press freedom fears ‘become reality’ – survey

Fewer Hongkongers have expressed trust in public broadcaster RTHK, a study by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism has found, as local media scholars said initial press freedom concerns under the Beijing-imposed national security law “became reality.” RTHK. File photo: Tom Grundy / HKFP. In the Digital News Report 2022 released on Wednesday, … Read more

Hong Kong journalists’ club passes motion to commit to press freedom, as over half of board abstains from vote

Hong Kong’s Foreign Correspondents’ Club (FCC) has overwhelmingly polled in favor of a motion relating to press freedom. More than half of the board members abstained from the vote. The non-binding motion was raised at the club’s annual general meeting on Monday, just weeks after the FCC made the decision to scrap the Human Rights … Read more

‘No guardrails’: Social media is threatening press freedom, Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa says

By Nina Larson The rise of social media has allowed dangerous propaganda to flourish and left professional journalists facing constant threat of attack, according to Philippine journalist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Maria Ressa. Maria Ressa. Photo: World Economic Forum via Flickr. The situation for media workers around the world at the moment is “bleak”, … Read more

Press Freedom Day: As long as there are journalists in Hong Kong, there will be journalism

I do not remember when exactly I developed an intense dislike for headlines about press freedom in Hong Kong that contained phrases like “the darkest day” and the “coldest winter”, but I know it was long before the national security law overturned Hong Kong’s media landscape. The problem with using superlatives like this is they … Read more

Hong Kong Journalists Association’s press freedom award suspended

The Hong Kong Journalists Association (HKJA) postponed its annual Kam Yiu-yu Press Freedom Award earlier in the year, HKFP has learned. “Due to Covid pandemic and socio-political involvement in recent months, the Kam Yiu-yu Press Freedom Award has been postponed,” HKJA chair Ronson Chan said on Tuesday. He added that – in his opinion – … Read more

Human Rights Press Awards axed after Stand News wins; 8 FCC press freedom committee members quit – sources

The Foreign Correspondents’ Club (FCC) decision to scrap the Human Rights Press Awards was related to local outlet Stand News winning a number of titles, sources with knowledge of the matter told HKFP on Monday. Additionally, eight members of the club’s Press Freedom Committee, which oversees the awards, resigned in protest of the cancellation. The … Read more

Satisfaction with Hong Kong’s press freedom drops to record low, poll finds

Hongkongers’ satisfaction with press freedom and media outlets in the city has dropped to a record low, a poll has found. The Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute (HKPORI) published the results of a telephone survey involving 1,004 respondents’ “appraisal of news media.” File photo: Tom Grundy / HKFP. The survey found that 28 per … Read more