No. of investigations carried out by Hong Kong gov’t watchdog falls to 15-year low

The number of full investigations conducted by Hong Kong’s government watchdog fell to an almost 15-year low, despite the number of complaints received staying largely the same. A letter to HKFP from the Ombudsman. Photo: Kelly Ho / HKFP. According to the Office of the Ombudsman’s annual report released on Wednesday, the body carried out … Read more

Internal Investigations: Kostenersatz bei Compliance-Untersuchungen

Sofern gegen a benbebe’smite of Verdacht’s best, gegen Compliance-Vorschriften versions or a Vere he he he fe fe fe fe fe ang ang ang ang,, s s s Ar Ar Ar Ar Ar Ar Ar Ar Ar Ar ind ind s Diese sog. Internal Investigations gewinnen in der Praxis immer größere Bedeutung, sie haben jedoch … Read more