The Architecture of Joseph Urban: Mar-a-Lago & The New School

Joseph Urban may be a somewhat forgotten figure in America’s annals of culture, but during his lifetime he enjoyed an almost legendary reputation. An all-round creative talent, Urban was a prolific Gilded Age illustrator, set designer, and architect of private dwellings, theaters, and a university building in the city of New York. His Gingerbread Castle … Read more

How to Represent Chief Joseph? A Trio of Sculptors Takes on the Nez Perce Legend

Lee Morehouse’s 1901 portrait of Chief Joseph informed sculptor Georgia Bunn’s statue, at the bottom, of the celebrated Nez Perce. (Special Collections, University of Washington Libraries) Chief Joseph (1840–1904) of the Nez Perce remains among the most celebrated American Indians of the 19th century, thanks to period photographs, books, magazine articles, paintings and public sculptures. … Read more