Surma Center Portraits | Spitalfields Life

Contributing Photographer Patricia Niven and Novelist Sarah Winmanauthor of “Still Life,” made this series of portraits and interviews at the Surma Center at Toynbee Hall. “After the Second World War, Britain required labor to assist in post-war reconstruction. Commonwealth countries were targeted and, in what was then East Pakistan (it became Bangladesh after the 1971 … Read more

Hong Kong artist Teresa Chan gives fallen leaves a new lease of life

Fallen leaves are often dismissed as trash on the busy streets of Hong Kong, but local artist Teresa Chan has brought them back to life with her exquisite designs that invite viewers to see trees as key witnesses to historical events in the city. A leaf art showcasing the outline of the iconic Lion Rock … Read more

Mayken van Angola’s Life Under New Netherland Slavery

On December 28th, 1662, a woman named Mayken van Angola pursued freedom in New Amsterdam. She did not stand alone. Two other women – Susanna and Lucretia – stood with her and together, they petitioned the colonial government for their freedom. It was granted with the caveat that they must clean the Director General Petrus … Read more