Vietnam Medal of Honor Marine Dies After ‘decade’s long battle’ with Cancer

Medal of Honor recipient retired Marine Sgt. Maj. John L. Canley died Wednesday after a “decade’s long battle with cancer,” according to the Marine Corps. Born Dec. 20, 1937, in Caledonia, Arkansas, Canley was 84 years old. He had enlisted in the Corps in 1953 and retired as a sergeant major in 1981, with three … Read more

Covid-19: Yuen Long restaurant cluster expands to 23 as Hong Kong records another 280 cases overall

A Covid-19 cluster at a Yuen Long restaurant has expanded to 23, with three more customers testing positive for the virus. The three – aged 71 to 76 – had developed mild symptoms, said the Center for Health Protection’s Chuang Shuk-kwan. They had previously dined at Peony Golden Court. Peony Golden Court in Yuen Long. … Read more

Press Freedom Day: As long as there are journalists in Hong Kong, there will be journalism

I do not remember when exactly I developed an intense dislike for headlines about press freedom in Hong Kong that contained phrases like “the darkest day” and the “coldest winter”, but I know it was long before the national security law overturned Hong Kong’s media landscape. The problem with using superlatives like this is they … Read more

Hong Kong activist jailed for 16 months for organizing banned ‘Reclaim Yuen Long’ demo in 2019

Hong Kong activist Max Chung has been jailed for 16 months after he pleaded guilty to organizing an unauthorised assembly to “reclaim” Yuen Long following a mob attack in July 2019. District Judge Amanda Woodcock put Chung behind bars on Wednesday, two days after the 42-year-old pleaded guilty to organizing a banned demonstration in his … Read more

Hong Kong activist pleads guilty to organizing banned ‘Reclaim Yuen Long’ demo in 2019

Hong Kong activist Max Chung has pleaded guilty to organizing an unauthorised assembly in Yuen Long to protest a mob attack in the area that left 45 people injured in July 2019. The man behind the “Reclaim Yuen Long” demonstration on July 27, 2019 admitted guilt before District Court Judge Amanda Woodcock on Monday morning. … Read more

Remember These Classic Bits Of London Street Art, Now Long Gone?

Street art, by its very nature is ephemeral. That’s part of its appeal. Some streets can look very different with each visit, as one mural is replaced by another, and then another. Occasionally, pieces hang around longer than normal and become a seemingly fixed part of the streetscape. We remember them. We smile at them … Read more

Complete List of Military ‘Items’ Named for Confederacy Is More Than 750 Long

A congressionally mandated commission spent the past year traveling to military installations, meeting with interested groups and sifting through thousands of recommendations as part of an effort to rename posts, ships, buildings, streets and anything else the Defense Department has named in honor of the Confederacy . All told, the commission is looking at 757 … Read more