Visit Charles Darwin’s Home At Down House, Bromley

“People come here, almost as pilgrims, from all over the world.” Image: Matt Brown We pay a visit to Down House, the home of Charles Darwin, tucked away in the bottom-right corner of London. “And here’s the slide that Darwin had put in, so that his children could whiz down the stairs.” So notes curator … Read more

Science Museum’s cancer exhibition offers a hopeful view of the future

As a disease, cancer is something that affects around half of the population and yet it’s also relatively rare, and the Science Museum’s newest exhibition seeks to explain this conundrum. Filled with a wide range of objects from the medical science to the human stories, it’s a large exhibition that’s both aiming to explain but … Read more

Review: The Objects Speak For Themselves At British Museum’s Feminine Power

This work by Judy Chicago depicts a female God. Tr The Trustees of the British Museum The British Museum is rampant with statues, but this is the first time I’ve seen one slithering down the wall towards me like something out of a horror movie. The sculpture, by contemporary artist Kiki Smith, is of Lilith, … Read more

Social Distancing Rules To Ease Starting April 21: Dine-In Until 10pm & Sports Venues, Cinemas, Museums To Reopen

The Hong Kong government announced on Thursday the details of the first phase of the relaxing of social distancing measures, starting April 21. It is the beginning of the plan to ease restrictions in a “gradual, orderly manner through three stages over a period of three months, ”said Chief Executive Carrie Lam during her daily … Read more

How To Go Inside The Homes Of Famous People In London

Photo: Keats House Museum Ever fancied snooping round the home of some uber-famous celeb? In London you can do just that. Admittedly, these famous people are all long-since dead (except for the one who never lived at all …), so you won’t be rooting through their bathroom cabinets and underwear drawers, but it is an … Read more

Eel Pie Island Museum: Visit Twickenham’s Tiny Temple To Rock And Roll

“If there is no music playing, please feel free to choose a record (just ask if you need help to put it on).” There can’t be many museums where visitors are invited to select a vinyl, then place it on the turntable. But then there aren’t many museums like the one celebrating the history of … Read more

Postal Museum’s Postcode Exhibition Gets Our Stamp Of Approval

Postcodes are powerful identifiers – not just for the Post Office but in our own personal lives. Think of all those people who live in places like Romford (RM), Twickenham (TW) or Bromley (BR) and consider themselves NOT Londoners because “we don’t have a London postcode” (even though they pay their council tax to a … Read more