Using ‘mystery calls’ to detect discrimination in recruitment in Belgium

A recent change in the law in Belgium lowers the threshold for labor inspectors to use ‘mystery calls’ to test for discrimination in recruitment. Our annual survey of HR trends showed that one in five companies have been faced with an informal or formal discrimination complaint, mainly on the grounds of apparent race or ethnic … Read more

China reinforces tight control over plane crash mystery

By Matthew Walsh The cause of China’s deadliest air crash in decades remains a mystery, with authorities giving few details in a preliminary report on Wednesday while enforcing strict censorship one month after the disaster. In the immediate aftermath of the crash, China’s ruling Communist Party moved quickly to control information, revving up its censorship … Read more

These Manila Tags Document a B-29 Tail Gunner’s War — And Contain a Mystery

My father, Sherman Oxendine, was a B-29 tail gunner flying missions over Japan in the last months of the war. He kept a collection of bomb-arming pins, all labeled with the target, date, and bomb load — but there’s one I’m especially curious about. One of his tags indicates a supply drop for prisoners. Why … Read more

This Antietam Photo Has Been a Mystery for 40+ Years. We’ve Solved It (We Think) –Part III

The location of the Antietam battlefield photo above had eluded researchers for years. Who took it and when, however, was well known. Photographers Alexander Gardner and his assistant, James Gibson, both employed by Mathew Brady, took the images on September 19, 1862, two days after the battle. This exposure was one of a series showing … Read more

Mystery Ship: Can You Identify This Sleek, Yet Awkward-looking Giant?

In 1915 financier Edward Lowe, engineer Charles Willard and shop foreman, salesman and chief pilot Robert Fowler formed the Lowe, Willard and Fowler Engineering Company at College Point, in Queens, New York. Its chief innovation was the development of molding laminated wood into strong, smooth monocoque fuselages. In 1916 Willard and Fowler left the company … Read more