Hong Kong officials, lawmakers to enter ‘closed-loop’ arrangement ahead of July 1 celebrations

Executive Councillor Ip Kwok-him has said that “a state leader” may visit Hong Kong on July 1 – which marks the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s Handover from Britain to China – as top officials have been told to avoid huge gatherings ahead of the day . Xi Jinping in Hong Kong in 2017. File … Read more

Explainer: Meet Hong Kong’s new top officials, chosen by incoming leader John Lee

Incoming leader John Lee has unveiled his cabinet ahead of his July 1 inauguration. The ex-police officer appointed seven new top officials from outside the government, including four pro-Beijing lawmakers. The security law head was picked as Lee’s no.2, whilst a “Covid zero” advocate was chosen as the health chief. Four officials are under US … Read more

Shanghai Covid-19 lockdowns drag on despite officials declaring victory

by Hector Retamal and Jing Xuan Teng Locked in their homes as neighbors celebrate freedom, hundreds of thousands of Shanghai residents are finding the path out of lockdown more complicated than the victory trumpeted by Chinese state media. A security worker locks a door with a chain in a neighborhood under a Covid-19 lockdown in … Read more

Hong Kong lawmaker questions proposed pay rise for top gov’t officials as minimum wage stagnant

A Hong Kong lawmaker has questioned a proposed pay rise for top government officials, asking whether a salary increase was appropriate considering the wider economic conditions and the city’s high unemployment rate. Lawmaker Tik Chi-yuen. Photo: Kelly Ho / HKFP. Tik Chi-yuen, the city’s sole self-proclaimed non-pro-establishment lawmaker, said at a Legislative Council (LegCo) meeting … Read more

Hong Kong officials, police, and lawmakers remain targets of doxxing, despite new law, says privacy watchdog

Hong Kong government officials, legislators and police officers remain the targets of doxxing, the public privacy watchdog has said, despite a new privacy law passed last year criminalizing the disclosure of personal data with malicious intent. Police officers in Hong Kong. File photo: Candice Chau / HKFP. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal … Read more

China sanctions US officials who ‘concocted lies’ on human rights

Beijing on Thursday said it had slapped sanctions on an unspecified number of US officials who “concocted lies” about human rights in China. Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry. File photo: Spokesperson office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, via Twitter. The tit-for-tat move comes after Washington announced visa restrictions on Chinese officials … Read more

As the rest of us are urged to stay home, Hong Kong officials continue visits, inspections as normal

Many local organizations have been seriously inconvenienced by the rules against public gatherings. Some people have been fined for breaches of the rules. Yet one organization continues to organize events at which large numbers of people breathe the same air. Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, visited the Caroline Hill Road Pop-up Community Vaccination Center on March … Read more

Maybe to end confusion, officials should admit they’re clueless

The Chief Secretary assures Hongkongers that they will have ample time for more panic-buying before lockdown. And a 4,000-strong HK Police ‘riot squad’ will help with the Covid mass-testing… Although their exact duties had not yet been spelt out, a source said they might be assigned to escort infected patients to hospital or community isolation … Read more