1 in 6 people in Hong Kong experienced online sexual harassment, equality watchdog survey finds

One in six people in Hong Kong have suffered online sexual harassment while one in eight experienced it in the workplace, according to a survey by Hong Kong’s Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC). The EOC conducted telephone interviews with 5,027 people aged between 18 and 64 from March to June last year. (From left to right) … Read more

Hong Kong court convicts 11 people for rioting at 2019 anti-mask demo

A Hong Kong court has convicted 11 people of rioting in Wan Chai a day after the controversial anti-mask law was enacted in October 2019. The judge said the group was present at the protest scene to “strengthen the momentum of the rioting crowd.” Hong Kong protesters defy the anti-mask law on October 6, 2019. … Read more

Helping Young People Embrace The Future At Hong Kong Academy

TERESA TUNG is on a mission to help young people adapt to our changing world. And, as a Secondary School Principal at Hong Kong Academy (HKA) in Sai Kung, she’s in a great position to see her mission realized. Preparing students for an uncertain future Our world is complex and ever-changing, even when we’re not … Read more

The Fiver – Five People You Probably Didn’t Know Were from Greater London

Photo by bill emrich on Pexels.com London is a wonderful city to grow up in, though not everyone’s born there stays there. Plenty of famous celebrities have their origins in London but became famous as residents of other countries. It may surprise you to find out that some of America’s biggest names actually got their … Read more

Brixton event to help give young people ‘a second chance’

Panel with Nequela Whittaker, Gwenton Sloley, and Paula Perry Leticia Simpson, Director of I Am Inspired, grew up seeing people she knew going in and out of prison, and now she’s trying to prevent young people from having the same experiences. A Seat At The Table, an event at International House, Brixton, was designed to … Read more

Hong Kong gov’t fines 6 people over Covid-19 violations in birthday party scandal

Six people who attended a birthday party for a Hong Kong delegate to China’s legislature – an event which sparked a scandal and a high-level resignation after it came to light – have been fined for violating Covid-19 rules. The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) announced on Wednesday the results of the investigation into … Read more

How To Go Inside The Homes Of Famous People In London

Photo: Keats House Museum Ever fancied snooping round the home of some uber-famous celeb? In London you can do just that. Admittedly, these famous people are all long-since dead (except for the one who never lived at all …), so you won’t be rooting through their bathroom cabinets and underwear drawers, but it is an … Read more