Retelling Hong Kong’s Story With Movies And NFTs

BEAM + LAB invites us to relive the “Golden Age” of Hong Kong movies. Classic movies made in the 80s — the “Golden Age” of Cantonese movies — like “Nomad” or “My Heart Is That Eternal Rose” greatly reflected Hong Kong’s culture. After all, Hong Kong, despite being a small city, is cultivated with cultures … Read more

100 Actors Will Stage An Epic Retelling Of The Easter Story, In Trafalgar Square

Jesus (James Burke-Dunsmore) breaks bread with his disciples. Image: Wintershall A 100-strong cast returns to Trafalgar Square on Good Friday, for an epic live portrayal of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. Wintershall, a theater company based in the Surrey countryside, has been putting on their monumental play, The Passion of Jesus, in central London … Read more