George Dodd’s Spitalfields | Spitalfields Life

George Dodd came to Spitalfields to write this account for Charles Knight’s LONDON published in 1842. Dodds recalls the rural East End that still lingered in the collective memory and described the East End of weavers living in ramshackle timber and plaster dwellings which in its century would be “redeveloped” out of existence by the … Read more

Sylvester Mittee, Welterweight Champion | Spitalfields Life

Sylvester Mittee I shall never forget my visit to Sylvester Mittee, unquestionably one of the most charismatic and generous of interviewees. We met in his multicoloured flat in Hackney where Sylvester keeps his collection of hats that he waterproofs by painting with the excess gloss paint left over from decorating his walls. During the course … Read more

John Claridge’s Cafe Society | Spitalfields Life

Commercial Cafe, Commercial Rd 1965 “This was one of those places you could just pop in from the cold and warm up,” photographer John Claridge recalled affectionately while contemplating this beloved cafe of yesteryear, “I love the front of it – it was just beautiful, especially the typography. The window above the curtain used to … Read more