What Is Virtual Real Estate?

Your dream home just became reality with virtual real estate. Virtual real estate is booming, with sales topping US $ 500 million last year. In 2021, The Sandbox, the largest real estate metaverse, saw 65,000 virtual land transactions, totaling US $ 350 million. Meanwhile, Decentraland, the second-largest virtual world, saw 21,000 real estate transactions worth … Read more

The Making of “Dickinson” at the Jay Estate (Virtual Program)

The Jay Heritage Center will host a virtual conversation about the making of the Apple TV + historical comedy Dickinsonwhich filmed for more than two months at the Jay Estate last year, on April 6th. The program will feature award-winning Dickinson director Silas Howard; actor and musician Wavyy Jones, who played the character The Wall … Read more

Virtual ‘Dacks Drinks Series Being Hosted By Adirondack Experience

The Adirondack Experience, The Museum on Blue Mountain Lake, (ADKX) has announced their new virtual program series, “‘Dacks Drinks.” This series, co-sponsored by the Albany Public Library, will highlight local flavor – from the adventurous rum-runners of the early 20th century to today’s craft brewers infusing their brews with tastes from Adirondack forests. The series … Read more