Hong Kong officials, police, and lawmakers remain targets of doxxing, despite new law, says privacy watchdog

Hong Kong government officials, legislators and police officers remain the targets of doxxing, the public privacy watchdog has said, despite a new privacy law passed last year criminalizing the disclosure of personal data with malicious intent. Police officers in Hong Kong. File photo: Candice Chau / HKFP. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal … Read more

1 in 6 people in Hong Kong experienced online sexual harassment, equality watchdog survey finds

One in six people in Hong Kong have suffered online sexual harassment while one in eight experienced it in the workplace, according to a survey by Hong Kong’s Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC). The EOC conducted telephone interviews with 5,027 people aged between 18 and 64 from March to June last year. (From left to right) … Read more

7 wanted by Hong Kong anti-graft watchdog over ‘blank vote’ incitement as corruption complaints jump 18%

Hong Kong’s anti-graft watchdog the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) received a total of 2,264 corruption complaints in 2021, an 18 per cent increase compared to the year before. It also recorded a number of grievances related to elections, including those related to people calling on others to cast “blank votes.” Independent Commission Against Corruption … Read more

Equality watchdog defends stance on ‘brownface’ after chairman claims not all discriminatory cases

The Hong Kong’s Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) has doubled down on its chairperson’s earlier statement that darkening one’s skin tone for imitation purposes is not always discriminatory. “It is not sufficient to assess whether the use of ‘brownface’ will constitute vilification, harassment or discrimination without a thorough examination of the facts and context of the … Read more