The 6 Best Western Histories, According to Wild West

Tularosa: Last of the Frontier West (1960, CL Sonnichsen): Here is the powerful opening sentence that promises gritty frontier tales: “The Tularosa country is a parched desert where everything, from cactus to cowman, carries a weapon of some sort, and the only creatures who sleep with both eyes closed are dead. ” Charles Leland Sonnichsen … Read more

A Wild West Reader Heralds Custer’s Bandleader, Whose Great-Great-Grandson Plays in the NFL

Got something stuck in your craw, or do youjust feel like jawing? Shoot us an email at sure to includeyour name and hometown. VinatierisAs a longtime fan of the New England Patriots and a student of the Little Bighorn, I was delighted to read the piece “Custer Connection” on Adam and Felix Vinatieri in … Read more

‘Race and the Wild West’ Book Review

Race and the Wild West: Sarah Bickford, the Montana Vigilantes and the Tourism of Decline, 1870–1930, by Laura J. Arata, University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, 2020, $ 24.95 When it comes to Montana Vigilantes, nothing is ever clear-cut. They have been both lionized and condemned for hanging (or “lynching”) road agent after road agent in … Read more