The 6 Best Western Histories, According to Wild West

Tularosa: Last of the Frontier West (1960, CL Sonnichsen): Here is the powerful opening sentence that promises gritty frontier tales: “The Tularosa country is a parched desert where everything, from cactus to cowman, carries a weapon of some sort, and the only creatures who sleep with both eyes closed are dead. ” Charles Leland Sonnichsen … Read more

‘A political show’: Beijing hits back at western criticism of Hong Kong national security arrests

Beijing has hit back at western criticism of Hong Kong’s latest arrest of activists, including a 90-year-old Catholic cardinal, accusing them of “smearing” and putting on a “political show.” China’s Foreign Ministry in Hong Kong “expresses strong disapproval and opposition, emphasizing that ‘rights and freedoms’ are not a ‘shield’ for illegal activities in Hong Kong,” … Read more

Did These Western Bumblers Invent the Selfie – and Preserve Plains Indian Culture by Mistake?

Karl Bodmer was a European of many names and accomplishments, but his reputation received a transatlantic boost in 1832. That year Prince Maximilian, a Prussian explorer, ethnologist and naturalist, was planning an expedition into the North American frontier and, in a rare moment of humility, realized he needed a professional artist to supplement his own … Read more

KPMG, Deloitte, PwC, HSBC among western firms congratulating Hong Kong’s new leader

By Jerome Taylor and Su Xinqi Western multinationals and local tycoons published newspaper adverts congratulating John Lee on becoming Hong Kong’s next leader, following a rubber-stamp selection process decried as anti-democratic by many major economies Monday. Sun Hung Kai Properties and China Tourism Group were among the local corporations congratulating John Lee on being elected … Read more