Wonders of Maps and Mapping

The world as a jester, the unseen effects of comets, non-existent islands, the secrets of the stars, make up a richly decorated compendium of maps from the National Maritime Museum. It’s a book that opens with a globe, of the earth, but one that was repainted in 1909 to show the landscape of Mars, with … Read more

London Wildlife Spotting In April: 7 Natural Wonders That Are Easy To Find

Lesser celandines in full bloom. Also known (by me) as the Wordle flower. Photo taken on 1 April 2021 by the author Seven wonders of nature to spot around London in April. You know the problem with seasonal nature guides? They’re usually packed with extremely challenging plants and animals. We’d all like to glimpse a … Read more

One Dish Wonders | Eat & Drink

London has a lot of restaurants and a lot of delivery options, which means that there are a lot of dishes being served at any one time. Throw in guest chef residencies, takeovers and restaurant collabs, it’s easy for some bangin ‘specials to pass you by. Well not anymore because we’ve rounded up the best … Read more